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Between all the bones and endless shards of pottery, the best finds are often the unexpected. One of its tombs belonged to Userhat, a royal scribe. During a routine cleaning, a team of university researchers noticed a gap in the wall near the east side of the forecourt. The tomb is picturesque, with murals telling the story of Khonsu and his wife as well as scenes showing various gods, including Osiris. The painting shows four baboons worshiping the god Ra-Atum, a Sun deity. York University via Smithsonian The oldest human burial in Ireland delivered two surprises. In , researchers examined a grave found at Hermitage and noticed that there was no skeleton. The hunter-gatherers who lived in the area around 9, years ago sent people off in a rather plain way:

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Saturday, April 11, Sargent tools If you have been reading my posts by now you should have some ideas of my favorite tools. Let me now introduced you to the Sargent tools, manufactured between and Another good reference for collectors is the book by David Heckel. This is my coffee stained copy:

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By Tojarn One of the best books out there on how to identify and date old Stanleys is: For all intents and purposes, their plane is the same as Stanley’s 62 , however, it went a bit farther with its adjusting mechanism, making it capable of lateral adjustment instead of just lengthwise adjustment, which all of Stanley’s low angle block planes posses. The lateral adjustment means is really quite simple and it’s done via the same knob that regulates the iron’s set.

Jun 27,  · Some really good manufacturers have made Craftsman,many were top shelf tools. Welcome to the Craftsman Tool Manufacturer and Date Range Summary Table, This table containes the Series Codes (manufacturers ID), the Manufacturers Names (if known), and the Date Ranges (years, if known) that the series codes apply to.

Barrows’ successor, Tom Dunlap, upgraded the quality of the tools and added chrome plating to them as America moved into the automobile age. Sears also marketed a “Sears Best” line of hand tools for a time. The company also used the “Dunlap” name for its lesser quality tools from the late s until the late s. The Companion tool line was itself discontinued and replaced by the “Evolv” tool line in , [8] with a focus on homeowners and DIYers.

Evolv tools also have a lifetime warranty but require that the customer have the original dated receipt to make a claim. Sears will hold a royalty-free license to the Craftsman brand for a year period after the completion of the sale, and will receive a royalty on all new Craftsman sales over this period. Sometimes, the Craftsman branded items include exclusive features or functions that separate them from the manufacturer’s own brand or other brands that the manufacturer produces.

At other times, Craftsman products are identical to models of other brands with a different name on them. The hardline mechanic’s tools wrenches , ratchets , and sockets that make up the core of the brand have been made by a variety of manufacturers over the years, including New Britain , [18] Moore Drop Forging , [2] Stanley , [19] Easco Hand Tools , [20] Danaher Corporation , and most recently Apex Tool Group.

Screwdrivers have been manufactured by Pratt-Read and Western Forge, but are now supplied mostly exclusively by Western Forge , who also supply pliers and adjustable wrenches. Sears still has an Industrial line which is sold through various authorized distributors. These tools are US made, appearing identical to their previous non-industrial US made counterparts, save for the “Industrial” name stamped on them.

They are manufactured by Apex on the US production lines that previously produced the USA made standard Craftsman product before production switched overseas to Asia. Many Craftsman portable power tools have been manufactured by Techtronic Industries.

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We consulted these sources to see which drills have the power, speed, and battery life to handle the toughest jobs. We also considered what professionals and owners had to say about the tools’ handling, charging time, and features. Reviews from retail sites such as Lowes. We factored in all this information to name the best cordless drills for both heavy and light use, cordless impact drivers, cordless tool combo kits, and cordless screwdrivers.

It’s the top performer in tests at TheSweethome. This leads tester Doug Mahoney to recommend it as an “upgrade” drill that can handle the toughest jobs.

Aug 17,  · i went to sears november the 28th to look at their craftsman hand tools as a christmas gift idea. almost all their craftsman tools which were “proudly made in america” are now made in china and are now “proudly distributed in america”. the made in china is in very small print on the package and conveniently covered with a wrapping on the tool where the china is stamped into the .

This is my father hobby lathe in excelent condition. The bedways have no large nicks see enlarged pictures as best I can recall, no visible wear. Original toolpost and craftsman tool holders. Has a V motor. There is no noticable noise paint is like brand new under the cutting oil, will clean up very nice, just do not have the time to do it This is a fairly modern version of the Atlas lathe having threading gear box.

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Paid memberships don’t see ads! I’ve never been able to find information on the progression of Craftsman axe stamps over the years. I know they used many different stamps but I haven’t been able to date them. What I’m hoping to do with this thread is at least get a record of what different stamps are out there. Maybe we can make some informed guesses about dates and the progression of stamps.

Aug 08,  · Other Craftsman tools are covered by limited warranties. buy ambien no rx. What we should (as toolaholics) be asking is, “What leeway does this provide stores — or Sears itself — in terms of interpreting the warranty’s wording, and how is the application of the warranty changing over time?” dating back almost 40yrs. So.

Description Mill file The most common shape, single-cut, rectangular in cross section, with an even thickness throughout their length; they may be either parallel sided or taper slightly in width from heel to end [8] Flat file Similar to a mill file, but may be double-cut Hand file Parallel in width and tapered in thickness, used for general work Square file Gradually tapered and cut on all four sides. They are used for enlarging round holes or cutting scalloped edges Half round file Has one flat and one convex surface, and either tapering slightly or maintaining an even thickness, width, or both over their length Combination file Tangless, flat sided or half-round, with two to four cutting surfaces, typically including a combination of single cut, double cut, or rasp Crossing files are half round on two sides with one side having a larger radius than the other.

Tapered in width and thickness. For filing interior curved surfaces. The double radius makes possible filing at the junction of two curved surfaces or a straight and curved surface. Joint round edge files are parallel in width and thickness, with rounded edges. The flats are safe no teeth and cut on the rounded edges only. Used for making joints and hinges. Barrette files are tapered in width and thickness, coming to a rounded point at the end. Only the flat side is cut, and the other sides are all safe.

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Dovetails – A Clue for Dating Antiques by Ken Melchert Dovetail joints often hold two boards together in a box or drawer, almost like interlocking the fingertips of your hands. As the dovetail joint evolved through the last one hundred thirty years, it becomes a clue for the age and authenticity of antique furniture. The type of dovetailed joint, especially in drawers, reveals much about furniture construction and dating.

With just a little study of these examples, it is easy to spot true hand made construction vs. The earliest examples are from furniture placed with mummies in Egypt thousands of years ago, and also in the burials of ancient Chinese emperors.

Craftsman Hand Plane Model Number Comparison, for those asking “Who made my Craftsman Plane”? Some Additional Information from Glen on Millers Falls Dating the logo .

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Stuart 92 Comments If you buy something through our links, ToolGuyd might earn an affiliate commission. They have been losing money for years now , losing customers, closing stores, and suing their suppliers. They lost a patent infringement lawsuit recently , lobbed public accusations against TTI, in addition to suing them , and sued Western Forge, at the same they started carrying imported pliers from another supplier.

I talked to a person I know from Sears.

Finesse the Wood with the Craftsman 7-in. Plane Block. If you don’t have access to a planer or jointer, 7″ Plane Block is a great way to smooth and square boards.A multi-purpose tool, the block plane is made with an adjustable blade, allowing you to flatten and smooth out boards in woodworking projects for a professional look.

Added page with photos, no further info available yet. Introduction This is the first of several articles covering Craftsman brand tools. This installment will focus on the development of the Craftsman brand during the s and s, as well as covering some of the tools sold by Sears in the pre-Craftsman era, in order to provide background context. Sears and initially operated as the R.

Sears Watch Company in Minneapolis. From its modest beginning as a merchandiser of watches, the company grew to become the largest mail-order company in the United States, and eventually became the largest retail company. As a large and unique organization, Sears has been the subject of many publications and studies. The current owner of Sears maintains a website at www.

For those readers primarily interested in tools, unfortunately most of the known references on Sears history have relatively little or nothing to say about tools, Craftsman or otherwise. If any of our readers have found a good reference covering tools at Sears, please let us know and we’ll add the reference.

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