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Only minor differences in type 1, 2 and 3 planes. Mainly only in the. Description of the most popular combination plane manufactured by Stanley. The basic 45 can groove, rabbet, dado, match tongue and groove , bead edge.. Inside, I found a Stanley 45 in a black wooden box along with. I’m trying to date this plane but because the knob on mine is on the main body. Cast iron, beech or rosewood handle,.

The Stanley Tool Co. and Defiance Line

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Stanley #7 & 7C Jointer Planes Stanley #8 & 8C Jointer Planes Given in the next section is a table of detailed information for each plane in the set as well as links to pictures of same.

A selection of European makers may be found in the trades bibliography. The Manufacturer and Builder. See this article online at: The Morse Twist Drill Co. It includes a nice illustration of the drills. Reprinted by Ken Roberts Publishing Co. Some notes on Gage planes. Crafts of NJ meeting. A xerox of a short bibliography of John Porcius Gage is attached to the back of one of the copies of these notes in our library. Auger and auger bit makers. Cesar Chelor and the world he lived in.

Chelor was a freed slave and prominent planemaker.


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Circa: early ‘s Condition: Good++ Manufacturer: Stanley Rule & Level This is a very clean, early vintage Stanley block plane dating back to the late ‘s era, or a type 1. It is clean, rust free, with about 95% of it’s original black Jappaning intact.

The vendor had a sticker on it mentioning the date of A cursory look over, the frog surface, the dates of patents on it, no frog screw adj, low knob etc, all pointed toward the same vintage, so I did not questioned it, I just quickly look up where falls in the Type study: Type 9 and proclaimed it earlier in a previous post. Now lets see if the seller and I still agree when looking closer.

Mine is corrugated so it cannot be before The vast majority of Type category pretty well all start with a sentence like: All the features of the previous, except: That means we have to look back in order to see what else to look for. I first quickly look for a major feature changes like the Frog screw adjustment Type 10 , First lateral lever Type 5 , Height of front knob, Frog receiver changes etc.

In our case, we see that the first lateral lever came up at Type 5 That would be with the one piece lateral adjuster tip What we have is the two pieces lateral adjuster, the one with the rotating disk at the end That started at Type 6 It also had 3 patent dates on it: We have 2 patents date on the bed casting Type 9 and no frog adj.

We are then between Type 8 and 9 At Type 9, the frog receiver undergoes a major redesign. A smaller bearing surface is now cast into the bed, toward the tote.

Stanley English Type Study Draft

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The Stanley Model Bailey Jack Plane is designed for rapid stock removal when preparing timber before finishing. Double-iron cutter and lever provide maximum control, even over extremely rough stock.

This gouge has a hand-forged look to it and no maker’s mark. The handle is beautiful. The blade is clean and sharp. This tang gouge was made by Marples in Sheffield. It’s clean and perfectly usable. There is no pitting on the blade and the handle has no damage. The profile is a no. This is a 14in long incannel paring gouge made by Buck in Milbury, MA.

It’s a top quality tool in excellent user condition. The blade has no pitting on the back at all and a nice clean bevel. The handle is likewise in excellent condition. This 72 page catalog has Sandusky’s full line of metal and wood planes, bench fixtures, coopers’ tools, and other items. It’s one of the latest Sandusky catalogs prior to its ceasing operation ca.

The Valley Woodworker: Type dating a Stanley plane

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Have news to share? The Class Notes section is organized by the date the announcement was made. To search for classmates from a specific year, use the search function. As an expert in Chinese Medicine and an author of several other books, Sweigart show to use touch therapy, meditations and gentle Qigong exercises to clear away blockages and open up to energetic nourishment. Learn more about his latest work. A History of Sharing the American Road. The awards showcase both projects and individuals who dedicated to bringing equality to the workplace throughout changing its culture.

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Stanley Plane Dating Flowchart And Type Definitions Best Dating Headlines For Guys

More often than not, when I need to perform a planing operation, I reach for my block plane. Block planes are the most popular hand plane sold as well as most useful. My collection of Stanley Planes.

Stanley No. Block Plane In Very Good Almost Mint Condition. It Has The Original Box. Someone Taped Up The Back Part The Lid, See Picture. The Plane Has % Its Original Japanning On It. Overall In Excellent Condition. Stanley No. Block Plane In .

What I want to know is how to identify different hand planes to know what I have and if they have any special uses. Much like grfrazee discusses in his answer I’m afraid there isn’t a good comprehensive site for all of these, so you’ll have to do some research on your own for some of the lesser-known makers. So that way if you see a plane you can get an idea of its purpose and know whether or not you need it in your collection.

Again, this list is not meant to be extensive as there are many other types and some specialty types. The webpage Patrick’s Blood and Gore covers them more then we ever could in this format. Block These planes are smaller in size Not to be confused with finger planes which are even smaller and many can be worked with one hand. They specialize in end grain. Jack Hopefully it is safe to say that this would be one of the most common plane type you will run into.

The “Jack of all trades” plane is what you would picture when you think of a plane. Metal ones should have a knob and a tote handle and the body would hide the plane iron inside as supposed to something like a rabbet plane.

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Dating stanley bedrock planes I just bought one today dating stanley bedrock planes same discription Like Like. Rear Depth Adj Screw. February 4, at 7: Stanley 65 type 1 restoration time tested tools. About Claire Price dating stanley bedrock planes While comprehensive type studies exist for the no. Using existing reference material from the previous type studies, I poured over old catalogs, advertisements, the planes themselves, and anything else I could get my hands on.

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The first is narrated by the author Victor Hugo, desperately unhappy after his daughter dies, and seeking any contact possible through the spirit world, during a retreat to Jersey, in the Channel Islands. Jac is skeptical of the concept of reincarnation, but it turns out that scents can trigger experiences of past lives. The third story is from one of those past lives, from the point of view of a druid who must make a difficult sacrifice.

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Stanley Plane Dating Page, It All Begins In Less Than 24 Hours

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An unused English STANLEY No 5 1/2 jack plane with rosewood handle and knob and orig label in orig. In 69th International Auction of Quality Antique This auction is live! You need to be registered and approved to bid at this auction. Watch the auction as a guest. You have been outbid.

Visa, Mastercard or Debit Card 2. After each auction David Stanley will pack and dispatch purchases made by bidders by suitable methods in accordance with their instructions. Packing and postage costs for absentee bidders. The auctioneers charges are: David Stanley Auctions have absolute discretion to divide any lot, to combine any two or more lots or to withdraw any lot from the sale, to refuse bids, regulate bidding or to cancel the sale without in any case giving any reason, or without any previous notice.

Any instructions given to the Auctioneers over the telephone, by fax or through the internet are accepted at the vendors or prospective buyers risk and must, be confirmed in writing. David Stanley Auctions act only as agents for the vendor. At his discretion, the auctioneer may bid on behalf of the vendor for all goods which are being offered, subject to reserve or otherwise. The highest bidder shall be the buyer.

The auctioneer may, at his sole discretion, determine the increment of the bidding or refuse a bid.

Essential Hand Tool List

Keep it tuned-up and it should serve you well. I still think you would really like to add a 3 or 4 to your arsenal, but no need to rush into it. I rarely need to joint-up any thing larger than a 4′ board, and it seems a little silly to me to heft a twelve pound, three-foot-long behemoth number 7 or 8 to do so I weigh Not a lot of leverage there.

Yeah I think I eventually want to get all the planes–I’ll just keep a look out on Craigslist.

Vintage Stanley England No: 5 1/2 Fore plane fully refurbished ready for use. When refurbishing planes we do not merely clean them to make them look good, they are restored to a level that ensures they are actually ‘in plane’ sharpened, honed and all the components are .

Home About Stanley by numbers This is not an Australian type study and not your definitive oeuvre on everything Stanley. There are more detailed publications available. If you keep collecting Stanley tools you will inevitably find them. I know of many collectors who have built their collections over 20 or more years and never paid top dollar for a single plane. Stanley planes, even the rarest of the rare, might still pop up at flea markets, garage sales, swap meets, General auctions or on a dusty shelf in a neglected corner of an antique shop.

And of course, there is eBay! Still the number one source of bargain buying for dealers and collectors alike. The more time you invest, the better the result. Prepare to get stung every now and then but more often than not the risk is well worth taking. I bought some of the best and rarest tools on a hunch

Stanley Plane Collectors Checklist and Value Guide