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Suggestions for low volume and low pressure pumps. Gravity feed optional but not recommended. Smokeless operation on all recommended fuels Frequently asked questions can be found at the bottom of this document. This heater was specifically designed to be constructed using commonly available materials that can be found at your local hardware store, and in many cases, salvaged from common appliances. The instructions include part by part suggestions and alternatives to keep your construction costs to a minimum. Burning free waste oils for heating is not only resourceful, it is environmentally responsible. In the Environmental Protection Agency issued final procedures for disposal of used oil by burning on site 40 CFR These procedures say there is only one solution to eliminating your waste oil liability, burn it! Additionally, if you choose to use waste vegetable oil as your fuel source, you are contributing to environmental protection by using a carbon-neutral energy source that does not contribute to global warming! I hear a lot of waste oils have a high content of water in them.

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A look at Volvo in-tank fuel pump and fuel gauge sender issues. These notes generally apply to through normally aspirated and turbo wagons and sedans, taken from my family fleet experiences with the following: I have only book knowledge of those years, so this page may not be helpful.

QUICK ENVIRONMENTAL. GUIDELINE FOR THE INSTALLATION OF ABOVE GROUND RESIDENTIAL OIL TANKS. The recommendations contained herein are considered standard industry practice for tanks constructed to NFPA 31, Standard for the Installation of Oil-Burning Equipment in the United installations must also comply with the National Building and Fire Codes and any .

This was for two senders. Al Scott They rebuilt my senders the same day they received them and had them back to me faster than I would have been able to drive back and get ’em. Price was a lot less than new senders, and mine seem to be working great. John Fuel Senders – How to test – Rebuild them if you can The tank sender is loosly connected via the lock ring to the ground but the circuit does not rely on that connection.

There is a seperate wire connected to the sender base black that is to be used as a ground.. To check the system, I cut the 2 tan wires and look at the gas gauge, it should be pegged full. Now ground the 2 tan wires to the frame and the gauge should drop to empty– if this happens the gauge and it’s forward wiring is good. If your gauge shows full now that means there is an issue with completing the circuit which means a wire or the sender is open.


So, simply installing an electric fuel pump is not going to work. The fuel-pressure requirements alone necessitate some detailed planning. Please feel free to share this article on Facebook, in Forums, or with any Clubs you participate in.

Replace your old furnace, boiler, fuel tank and more, and save up to 30% on energy bills! Installing new, high-efficiency equipment could reduce your energy bills by up to 30%.

Maki , Editor Question: What’s the first thing to do after you discover that your fuel oil furnace has conked out? Start remodeling the basement, the basement stairwell, and anything between the furnace and the back door. At least that was our approach when the old oil-burning monster died. We had been contemplating switching to propane , and this forced the decision. The old furnace was quite large, about 3 feet wide by 6 feet long, and over 3 feet tall.

Not being sure if it could be dismantled, we knew it would not fit up the basement stairs, through the door at the top of the stairs, and around the corner to go out the back door. It seems that about 10 to 12 years ago, long after the oil furnace and tanks were installed, the previous owner had built a dividing wall at the top of the stairs and installed a door.

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Our tanks turned those challenges in industry-leading features. Instead, burn your used oil to heat your business for free. EnergyLogic waste oil heaters get you warmer faster with a burner that produces double the heat-rise of any other waste oil furnace on the market.

Aug 16,  · A brief set of videos on how A-Diversified Petroleum Services installs an above ground fuel oil tank. Part 1 of 3.

Newtown Creek, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York 55, Oil and oil products Oil refinery tank explosion Although an explosion in contributed to the contamination, the area has been used by various petroleum companies for more than years, and the 17 million gallons accumulated gradually over that time — not all at once after the explosion. Three days later explosions took place and the fire intensified.

The Assimi finally sunk on January 16, after being towed to deep water miles from the Oman coast. Further explosion occurred as the vessel split in two and sank which ignited the oil on the surface of the water. All efforts to extinguish the fires failed and finally after 19 days the ship, still burning, was towed far out to sea and sunk by torpedo and gunfire. The Metula cut a corner too sharp, hitting a foot shoal and grounding itself.

The difficulty of navigating a ship of such size, with minimum navigation aids, contributed to the accident. The stern section of the vessel sank after about two hours, while the bow section drifted southwest with the Agulhas Current. The bow was presumed to sink at 30 06 S, 54 E, approximately 40 miles from the initial breakup. All the ship’s cargo of Kuwait crude oil, eventually spilled into the Indian Ocean. The crew abandoned the ship which sank after explosions and came to rest on the sea bed with 30 feet of the hull visible above water.

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The Need for Fuel Polishing The most common reason for marine diesel engines in general, and recreational trawler diesel engines in particular, to fail to run is associated with “bad diesel fuel. The problems come about because of the condition of the fuel we buy and what happens to the fuel when it gets stored, sometimes at the suppliers’ facilities, but most often in our own vessels.

Pleasure boats sit idle for long periods of time allowing algae time to grow in the tank. Most of this contamination adheres to the wall of the tanks and you might not notice a problem while running the engines at the dock.

twin oil tanks. archdog Posts: 1 Member. more than the static weight of the fuel in a full tank, if the vent is working properly. I also braze 2 3″ Pc. of 1/2″ tubing to the tank valves to keep lines up off bottom of the tank to help filter from being plugged from sludge.

Battery Maintenance Battery Electrolyte Replenishment: The battery is mounted under the seat, and is accessible by releasing the seat lock and raising the right side. Raise the battery slightly to check the battery electrolyte. Battery electrolyte level should be checked once a month. The electrolyte level must be maintained between the upper 3 and lower 4 marks on the side of the battery.

If the electrolyte level is found to be low, remove the battery filler caps and carefully add distilled water until the electrolyte level in each cell is between the upper and lower marks. Use a small syringe or plastic funnel to add water. Only distilled water should be added, to avoid contaminating the electrolyte Battery Removal and Installation: Battery removal may be necessary when battery electrolyte specific gravity reading is below 1.

The battery can now be lifted from its mounting.

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Over time, it can build up and clog the injectors. Injectors periodically need to be cleaned. Some experts recommend cleaning the injectors every 25, to 30, miles to keep them flowing at peak efficiency. Preventives But first, a word on prevention. A special caution for those driving south of the border:

Apr 16,  · Methods of installing home heating oil tanks.

Designing the Tank I thought the space between the three bars before the headset was a waste and thought that it would be a perfect space to put a gas tank. I debated on whether to put the tank on the top bar like a regular motorcycle and blend it into the frame or to use this “wasted” space as my gas tank. The size of the tank is approximately the same as the stock tank that came with the kit.

After removing the stock tank using the correct sockets, I held up a piece of cardboard to the area that will be the tank. I used a sharpie to create the profile of the bottom bars. Then I held it in the same position and copied the profile of the top bar using a sharpie. Creating the Form The form for the gas tank is made of the green foam that you can pick up at arts and craft stores.

The foam is the type that you stick artificial flowers into as a base. I don’t recommend using it if you don’t want to cut a hole to remove the foam. Styrofoam is the only foam I know of that dissolves with any solvent. You need to glue these foam blocks together and use masking tape in order to put pressure on the pieces being glued together. You then stick some dowels into the form to further strengthen the foam. After the glue has dried, remove the masking tape and then take the cardboard template you made in the step before and draw the pattern onto the foam using a sharpie.

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Here’s a explanation that I found online: Most of them are mercaptan based epoxies, such as the JBQuik, and will bond onto clean, dry, and roughed-up steel. I’ve fixed a couple of hundred tank leaks over the years with industrial grade epoxies which are much better performing but much more expensive and not available in small quanitites, ie Belzona or CIBA industrial products , but the key to a more durable repair is to get the tank surface clean and dry for a much larger area than the actual leak.

It is essential that there be no diesel fuel at the repair site, because it is a bond-breaker.

Oil tank piping: how to hook up fill & vent & oil line piping on duplex or dual oil storage tanks: this document describes the typical piping arrangements for heating oil storage tanks: how the oil tank fill, vent, and supply piping are arranged when two oil storage tanks (or more) are installed at a building.

We serve companies in a variety of industries, including automotive, agricultural, marine and marinas, construction, industrial, aviation, sanitation, fleet fueling, farm or ranch, and trucking, as well as the public sector, government, municipalities. Our company builds custom fuel systems designed to client specifications. Envirosafe steel tanks provide secondary containment for fuel storage and can be set up in either horizontal or vertical configurations.

Installation is simple as our above ground steel fuel tanks arrive at your facility ready to go. Simply bolt them down to a concrete pad base and hook up to electrical power. This allows them to be moved to a different location as well as qualifies them for financing. Our double wall steel fuel tanks are in use nationwide for the storage of fuel, gasoline, diesel sometimes spelled diesal, deisel , biodiesel, petroleum, oil, fuel oil, jet fuel, kerosene, waste oil, chemicals, AVGas, petrol, ethanol, methanol, biofuels, and biogas.

Above Ground Fuel Storage Tanks: Our double wall steel diesel fuel storage tanks come in sizes from 1, gallon to 20, gallon and are perfect for the trucking industry and municipal fuel needs. Biodiesel is an efficient and clean alternative to traditional diesel fuel. Used in different blends, it can lower the overall fuel costs for truckers. Our steel tanks make the perfect vehicle for the storage of bulk fuel oil. Double wall steel oil storage tanks come in sizes as small as 1, gallon and can store oil or fuel oil.

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